The Three Things You Should Focus On

If you master these three skills, you will be very rich


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Actionable Tip

If you are an agency or B2B business, you absolutely need to be tracking the following metrics.

  • 180 Day LTV

  • CAC

  • LTV:CAC Ratio

  • Time to breakeven on ad funnel

  • Cold emails sent per lead

  • YouTube videos per week

  • Newsletters sent per week

  • Hours worked

  • Income vs. Expenses

  • Net Margin

Create a basic spreadsheet for this in Google Sheets, bookmark it to your browser and update it at least once per week.

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It is a question as old as time…

“What are the best things to focus on?”

Truly, a question for the philosophers.

In the context of an agency or B2B business, the answer becomes more clear. All businesses that sell services more or less have the same core problems:

  1. No one knows who you are

  2. Not enough leads

  3. All clients come from referrals

  4. Nothing to offer unqualified leads (which is 99% of the market)

There are infinite derivatives and subcategories of problems in each of these too.

Lovely! I love problems.

There is also a constant balance between:

  1. Getting new clients

  2. Building up your operations

You have to do both and balance both or you won’t be in business very long. Without employees who know what they are doing, you won’t be able to deliver results. Without new clients coming in, there will be nothing for your new employees to do.

You can’t focus on one or the other. It must be both.

If I had to tell you just three things to focus on, it would be the following:

  1. Learning paid ads (lead gen)

  2. Learning to create great content (lead gen)

  3. Learning how to train employees and building systems to do so (operations)

If you only knew how to do these things, you would be a very wealthy man or woman. You can hire people to do the other things, but typically speaking, these three skillsets are reserved only for the super competent and super invested.

If we were to break them down into five main components, it may look something like this:

Paid ads

  • Creating good offers

  • Understanding value ladders

  • Creating good video ads

  • Creating good landing pages

  • Understanding data and analytics

It is not likely you will find all five of those components in a single person. They either will not be available, won’t care enough, or be far too expensive. It is something to learn yourself.


  • Creating good long-form YouTube videos

  • Writing engaging newsletters

  • Creating content that is actually useful and actionable

  • Learning to write/create a great “hook’

  • Actually having valuable/interesting things to create content about

Again, it is not likely you will find all five of those components in a single person, and if you do, it is unlikely they will work for you.

Employee Training

  • Correctly identifying who has potential and who doesn’t

  • Knowing everything they need to learn/do to be successful

  • Creating training lessons/modules to bring them from 0 to 100 in a reasonable amount of time

  • Giving feedback that is useful without pissing people off

  • Breaking self-limiting beliefs and transferring conviction from yourself to them in a way that is seamless and permanent

Okay, you are definitely not finding someone like that to work for you, so don’t even waste time trying.

So, long story short, do these three things, and delegate and hire for the rest. You will get rich.

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