If Your Pipeline Is Dry, Do This...

Here is an exact plan I made that has helped over 190 business owners fill their pipelines...


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Actionable Tip

Grab a timer and set for 60 minutes

Week 1: One hour/day

Week 2: Two hours

Week 3: Three hours

Week 4: Four hours

Week 5: Five hours

Week 6: Six hours

Week 7: Seven hours

Week 8: Eight hours

Congratulations. You will get more done in one week than you did in one year previously

Did you make the terrible decision to stop working on lead gen because you had “too many clients?”

Or, possibly, are you just bad at lead gen in general?

Whatever it is, not to worry. Here is an exact plan I made that has helped over 190 business owners fill their pipelines in just the past three months:

1. Start posting one full length YouTube video per day. Screenshare a Miro Board and actually teach them something.

2. Start sending at least 5,000 cold emails per day with an offer of free work. Then, upsell a percentage later.

3. Create a 30-60 minute video case study of how you helped X client achieve Y result.

Then, run ads to this from YouTube and Facebook

4. Create a way better intro offer. It will always be far easier to make sales with a one-time, lower commitment intro offer, then you can upsell them later

5. Start actually working. Most people overestimate how many hours they work by 5:1 or 10:1

Start working with a 60 minute timer and filling out a form after every hour to prove you worked

6. Follow up with every single person in your CRM at least twice per week promoting your new intro offer.

7. Do 60 minutes of manual prospecting per day on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Manually find people who could be clients and start a relationship with them.

It will be tempting to try to sell them asap. Don't.

8. Start emailing your list (newsletter) three times per week on M/W/F.

This is one of the number one ways to nurture and convert clients yet 99% of people don't do it or do it way too infrequently for it to be effective.

9. Do another 60 minutes of manual prospecting to potential partners. Newsletter owners, podcast owners, community owners, etc. Try and get them to let you do a presentation for them and their audience.

10. Post on Twitter 3-5x per day and cross-post it to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Focus on Threads, Graphics, Auto DMs, and then single Tweets to nurture

Bonus: Don't ever take time off/neglect your pipeline ever again. There is typically a 90-day delay, so the reason you're in this situation is you stopped doing this stuff 90+ days ago and are now feeling the effects.

Hopefully you only have to learn this lesson once.

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Case Studies

Here are some case studies for our clients in 1000x Leads.

  • $6k to $60k/mo in just 6 months (link)

  • $0 - $30k/mo in four months while in the army (link)

  • $0 - $900k/mo in under 12 months (link)

  • Doubling his business in 79 days (link)

  • And many, many more client wins (link)


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