Matt's Daily Email [April 8th, 2024]

Here are the three things I am thinking about today

Hey there,

It is Matthew Larsen.

I am sending this daily newsletter containing three things I am thinking about or doing at the current time.

Hopefully you enjoy my own internal thoughts and plans.

I Used to Send 20,000 Cold Emails Per Day. This Is What Happened

On the weekend, I documented my past experience sending 20,000 cold emails per day for my previous agency.

For context, this would get me between 60 and 100 clients per month paying $3,300 on average with the chance to be upsold to $8k per month later.

I made a full document going over this if you want to take a look:

The Thing People Don’t Understand About Ads

When running lead gen ads (for an agency or service based business), people focus far too much on the ad itself, when in reality, that is a small percentage of the entire process.

It isn’t the same as Ecommerce, where people see the ad, click or don’t click, then buy, or don’t buy.

It is not the same thing at all. The only thing they have in common is they are only called paid ads.

When you are running lead gen ads, the ad is just the beginning.

  1. Ad Creative

  2. Lead Magnet

  3. Landing Page

  4. Thank You Page

  5. Email Flows

  6. Conversion Mechanism

  7. Sales Process

  8. Sales Call

  9. Follow Up

Each thing (2-9) arguably has a greater impact on the performance of your ad campaigns than the ad creative itself, and it is super important to realize that if you want to run ads for your B2B business.

Failing Is Not Good…But It Is Necessary

You hear a lot of people say “I love to fail” or “I want to fail fast.”

I know what they are saying, but treating failure as a good thing is not correct either.

Failing is not good. It means you didn’t know something, or do not have the skill required.

That is not a good thing.

However, failure is often necessary to teach you what you don’t know or as a form of feedback to let you know that you need to develop a certain skill.

The sad part is that most people don’t view it this way.

It is a feedback loop and that is it, yet most people either:

  1. Get discouraged and quit

  2. Are overcome by arrogance and ego and blame the method, product, thing for “not working” instead of looking inwards at themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this brief email.

Talk later,