1000x Leads (March 5th, 2024)

Here's what I am doing today...

Hey there,

It is Matthew Larsen.

I am sending this daily email for a few reasons:

  • Hopefully it can give you ideas

  • For my own personal accountability

  • To show you what the day-to-day looks like of building 1000x Leads

Hopefully you enjoy my own internal thoughts and plans.

Priority #1: YouTube Video

I made a YouTube video today (like every other day) focused on something that I think is the most important concept to understand when trying to build a business.

That concept is leverage.

With it, you can go further, faster, with less effort.

Priority #2: Payment Video

We are growing pretty well. Over 3 new people join 1000x Leads every day in the past 14 days.

However, it could be better.

What I am going to do today is film a video that shows them what will happen when they pay.

It will show the page they are redirected to, the email they receive, the onboarding process, the Slack Channel and all the rest.

My goal is to reduce/remove uncertainty for them with this.

Priority #3: Program Video

I am also going to film a video today that I hope will be about 5 minutes long showing them what they will get in the program.

This will go at the top of my website, and will be easy to send to people requesting more information.

Priority #4: Operations Spreadsheet

We made our first hires and now we need to have a real operations center.

I prefer simplicity and will be doing so in Google Sheets.

Every task will be laid out with:

  • Owner

  • How often

  • Link to training

  • SOP

  • Definition of Done

  • Training

  • Example

It is very important to have something like this when you start to hire employees.

Priority #5: Onboarding Page

When they pay via Stripe, I want to redirect them to an official Onboarding Page instead of it just saying “payment confirmed.”

This will have all the information and instructions on it, in addition to the email they already receive.

It is all about giving them multiple ways to onboard.

A little redundancy is valuable sometimes.

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Our Program

If you have an agency and you want to scale, you need to know about our program.

We're not asking you to say yes or no today, what we're asking you to do is make an informed decision and you can only do that by viewing our program page.

Everyone must decide what is best for them, and it is entirely your decision if you think this will help you or not.

Talk later,