Lead Gen Idea #4 (Cold Email)

Matt's email of the day for April 15th, 2024

Hey there,

It is Matthew Larsen.

Cold email is one of the top four ways to get clients, but only if you do it right. If you don’t do it right, it obviously doesn’t work.

In this email, I go over the top three things you need to “get right.”

Hopefully you enjoy it.

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Lead Gen Idea #4 (Cold Email)

I've done one about cold email before, but it was just how to set up.

Cold email is one of the best ways to get clients, but 99% of people do not do it, and of the ones that do, 99% of those 99% are absolutely terrible at it.

The truth is that it is extremely effective when done right, and it doesn't have to be "cringe" or "spammy."

The three biggest leverage points for cold email are:

  1. The list

  2. The offer

  3. The script

The List

Of course, you have to have the right list. If you are not emailing people in your target market, that's not going to work out. No further explanation needed.

The Offer

This is by far the highest "leverage" part of your cold email.

The problem most people have is they have this big wall of text asking you to get on a call.

Let's go over some things that are true with any cold email:

  1. The person did not ask to be contacted

  2. The person does not know who you are (99% of the time)

  3. The person does not trust you

  4. The person may or may not even be looking for the service you provide

The odds certainly are against you, and that is why you need to have a great offer.

The "offer" that works for networking and referrals will not work here. In those cases, you don't really even need an "offer" at all, but here you do.

You need to make it good enough to render Points #1-4 invalid, and get them to respond.

You should always have a low-priced intro offer here with an insane guarantee.

People get this backwards. They try to put an insane guarantee on the main service (looks really dumb, unrealistic, and untrustworthy) and they try to sell $8k/mo+ MRR services in the cold email.

You need to sell something $2,500 or less with an insane guarantee and then upsell them to the normal higher-priced MRR services later after you've done a good job and they are actually your client.

There are basically three reasons people buy anything in a B2B setting:

  1. To make them more money

  2. To save them time

  3. To comply with laws/regulations/etc.

Almost every sale/offer can be drawn back to one of those three things in a B2B situation.

You need to make it clear that what you are proposing does one or more of those things.

The Script

If you have the right list and you nail the offer, the script is actually not super important and becomes more about not screwing it up than it does making something amazing.

Most people spend 90% of their time on the script and 10% of their time on the offer when it should be the other way around.

Follow these basic results:

  1. Keep it 75 words or less

  2. Focus completely on them and what they stand to benefit from your email

  3. Center it around a Loom (the CTA could be, may I send you a 3 minute Loom showing you more?)

  4. Use Spintax (Google it if you don't know)

  5. Don't put any links or images in (Deliverability concerns)

The Reasons Cold Email Doesn't Work

  1. Not enough volume. You need to be sending way more than you think (1,500+ per day at minimum)

  2. Message is way too long (big wall of text no one wants to read)

  3. Not clearly tied to how it benefits them (make more money, save time, comply with XYZ)

  4. Bad offer or no offer at all

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Talk later,


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