Lead Gen Idea #3 (Lead Magnets)

Matt's email of the day for April 12th, 2024

Hey there,

It is Matthew Larsen.

Here is why you need to create lead magnets, and how you should think about them. This is the most important step to capturing leads.

Hopefully you enjoy it.

Lead Gen Idea #3 (Lead Magnets)

Lead magnets are going to be the most important thing you have to capture leads.

You need to create 6-12 of them, one for each main category or problem with your service.

An example:

If I was doing landing pages for Ecom brands, my categories would be...

  1. Site speed

  2. Offers

  3. Above the fold

  4. Headlines

  5. Hero Images

  6. Psychology

  7. Copywriting

  8. A/B Testing

  9. Analytics

Then, make a masterclass level document for each of them.

  1. It needs to be everything you know

  2. It needs to help take someone from being a beginner to an expert

  3. It needs to be better (for free) than courses people charge thousands for

People can't read your mind.

If you half-ass it, and make your lead magnet basic, they will think you are basic and they won't hire you.

Go all out, and differentiate yourself from everyone else.

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I hope you enjoyed this brief email.

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