Lead Gen Hack #1 (Follow This Step-By-Step)

Matt's email of the day for April 10th, 2024

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Lead Gen Hack #1 (April 10th, 2024)

The number one thing that holds businesses back is that no one knows who they are. This problem proceeds all other problems.

The four ways to solve this problem are paid ads, content, outreach and partnerships

  1. Go to GoDaddy

  2. Buy 30 cold email domains similar to main site (if your main sites is 1000xleads.com, get things like try1000xleads.com or get1000xleads.com

  3. Buy one email address for each

  4. Get Instantly.ai, add your emails and start warming them up

  5. Build a list of your target market in Apollo.io

  6. Take the link/URL of your list in Apollo and add it to exportapollo.io. You will be able to export them for much, much cheaper.

  7. Clean the leads with Millionverifier.com to remove bad/dead contacts.

  8. Upload all of these leads to Instantly.ai after a 15-30 day "warming period"

  9. Write a cold email script focused around sending them a Loom

  10. Inside the Loom, explain your offer and why it will work

  11. Start sending about 1500 emails per day. You should get at least one lead per day at this rate.

  12. Get them on a call

  13. Close about 20% of your leads

  14. For every five calls you get, you should close at least one

  15. Decide how many clients you want to get every month, divide that by how many emails you have to send to get one call, and then buy the corresponding about of domains you need to send that many emails

I hope you enjoyed this brief email.

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