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Matt's email for May 8th, 2024

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Best Links of the Week

🎥 Videos

I made a video going over everything you need to know to be successful when running Facebook Ads for lead generation (link)


Here is a document of 11 self-limiting beliefs preventing that hold people back (link)


Here are 10 quick wins that you can implement to transform your marketing agency (link)

Top Five Things That Can Help Your Lead Gen

  1. Posting Content

If you aren't doing this, you are just another pseudo-anonymous annoying agency in a vast ocean of other pseudo-anonymous annoying agencies selling pretty much the same thing as you

Content is the only way you can differentiate yourself and stand out from the rest

It is going to be tough to ever "own" a niche or target market without posting

2. Have An Intro Offer

An intro offer is a lower priced one-time offer that is less risk and commitment from the POV of the client. Promote this offer instead of the recurring one, get them in the door, do a good job and upsell them later

3. YouTube

Build a Miro Board, screenshare, and start explaining and teaching with no script or editing like I do. We have made over $500k from YouTube alone with 1000x Leads in the previous 60 days. That doesn't count all the other sources.

I have talked to seven CEOs doing $100m+ per year just from my YouTube videos. It works for all levels of the market.

4. Do More Volume

Running $10/day of ads, or sending 100 cold emails per day or posting once per day is not going to cut it.

Whatever volume you are doing now, ask yourself how you can do 10x starting next week and then make a plan to do it.

5. Optimize your Search Results and Website

A lot of the time, people will see your ads, or cold email, or outreach or content, not reply or take any action, go straight to Google and put in your name/company name

This is the majority of cases, not a small minority or a niche scenario

If you don't show up or have bad stuff show up, it's going to screw you

(Having nothing show up is probably worse than having bad stuff show up)

How I Can Help You

1000x Leads: 1000x Leads is a 120-day DWY lead gen program that helps B2B businesses build a complete funnel. This is great for businesses doing over 10k per month. The average business in 1000x Leads does between $500k - $5 mil per year.

10k Per Month: 10k Per Month is a 90-day DWY program meant to help people make $10k per month with the agency business model. If you are at zero, or $3k or $5k or anywhere below $10k per month, this is the program for you.

1000x Leads $1 Trial: If you want to try 1000x Leads to see if it is right for you, we have a $1 trial available. This trial is meant to mimic 1000x Leads completely. You will get access to the Trello Board, the Slack Access and Call Recordings for seven days.

I hope you enjoyed this brief email.

Talk later,


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