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Actionable Tip

The top 7 tools you need to 10x your results:

  1. Printable Calendar (ie. Sam Ovens War Map)

  2. Timer (60 min sessions)

  3. Google Form (submit what you did during 60 min)

  4. Ear plugs

  5. Dark room

  6. Block all sites except ones you need (use FocusMe VPN)

  7. Major Definite Purpose

Best Links

Watch these 31 minutes if you want to get rich in 2024 (link)

Example Ad Funnel Structure (link)

How to Create Great Lead Magnets (link)

One of the things that I have found most interesting over the years is that once you get your habits, routine and priorities sorted out and systematized, you feel like nothing is happening.

All I do on a daily basis is the following things:

  1. Make a YouTube video

  2. Write a newsletter

  3. Spend an hour working on the product

  4. Spend an hour writing a book

  5. Respond to client questions

  6. Taking sales calls + following up with previous sales calls

That is only six things that take a total of maybe four hours (not including the sales calls).

There are hundreds, if not thousands of things that someone could be working on for their business at any given time.

When you narrow it down to just six in this case, or however many it is for your business, you feel kind of bad about yourself. It feels like you are not really doing anything. It feels very basic and very boring.

But, in reality, these are the only six things that I could do that would lead to a bigger business for myself. These things will be different for different types of businesses, but for me, this is it.

Once you get these dialed in, it becomes more about your ability to “stomach” the feeling that you are not actually doing anything, and just do the same basic things over and over again, except better in terms of quality and volume.

90% of success is just doing these basic, boring things over and over again (but better) for years and years at a time. I would argue that the ability to do this is one of the most important skills you can develop. Most people know what they should be doing. These things will almost always be obvious, regardless of the type of business. Most people just never develop the skill needed to just keep doing them over and over again without stopping, for years at a time.

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Case Studies

Here are some case studies for our clients in 1000x Leads.

  • $6k to $60k/mo in just 6 months (link)

  • $0 - $30k/mo in four months while in the army (link)

  • $0 - $900k/mo in under 12 months (link)

  • Doubling his business in 79 days (link)

  • And many, many more client wins (link)


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