How To Get Clients With YouTube Videos

Matt's email for May 10th, 2024

Welcome to the Marketing Blog.

It is Matthew Larsen from 1000x Leads, and this is my email for May 10th, 2024.

Actionable Tip of the Day

Making YouTube videos for your B2B business is perhaps one of the best things you can possibly do to get clients.

When someone watches your video, it is like they are “spending time with you.” The more time someone spends with you, the more they will trust you.

  1. Sign up for Miro Board

  2. Sign up for Loom

  3. Sign up for Adobe Audio Enhancer (link)

  4. Make a list of the 30 most important topics or ideas related to your service

  5. Make graphics to explain them inside Miro Board. You will get good at this very quickly with a couple hours of practice

  6. Record a video (using Loom) of you screensharing your Miro Board and actually trying to teach them something. Once it is complete, run the file through Adobe Audio Enhancer to make the sound quality better

  7. You will get very, very valuable videos with decent production value (video + sound) for very cheap with this method

  8. This will make everything you do better from paid ads to outreach to networking to referrals. Everyone loves valuable videos and it is a status symbol.

Hopefully you give this a try. It is easy, easy money if you get it right.

Talk later,

Matthew Larsen,

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