You Have 60 Seconds To Prove You Are Powerful

Matt's email for May 9th, 2024

  1. I believe that my YouTube videos are good in terms of content. I will keep trying to improve these (of course). I now need to do all the typical YouTuber stuff (title, thumbnail, hook, intro, etc.) to take the videos to the next level in terms of views and performance

  2. I need to do a better job marketing to new people. I get a lot of repeat viewers on YouTube, readers on newsletters, messages, etc. and that is very good and important. I appreciate it too. But I currently need to expand to new audiences and I think that means making absolutely everything I do in terms of posts, videos, etc. for “cold” audiences.

  3. How to structure my day so I can get eight full hours (using a timer) of work done ON my business. This doesn’t include client work and fulfillment, etc. It is stuff that moves the business forward. I am currently trying to get a repeatable schedule that will work every day and give me enough time to take 5-8 sales calls and do client work.

Actionable Tip

Remember the following phrase and apply it to everything you are doing:

“You have 60 seconds to prove you are powerful.”

This means content, lead magnets, videos, sales calls, meetings and more.

It will transform what you do.

Talk later,

Matthew Larsen,

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